Primordial Yoga transcends the parameters of the mat, offering opportunities for self empowerment and sustained vitality

Primordial is not a yoga studio; it is a healing centre, assisting clients in all aspects of their lives through the lens of yoga.

Humble Beginnings

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The self is not a thing or an entity, it is a process.

Self isn't something outside experience, hidden in the brain or immaterial realm. It is an experiential process that is subject to constant change. We enact a self in the process of awareness, and this self comes and goes depending on how we are aware.

-Evan Thompson

Meet Taylor…

I practice and offer yoga because I have experienced its potential to empower active participation in ones own life, generate sustained vitality and its ability to create expansiveness in breath, body and mind.

I have 7 years of experience to support my teaching.

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It’s Your First Time Coming to a Yoga Class & You Have Questions



Trust the Process