Humble Beginnings Studio

Follow the driveway around the side of the house onto the back deck. Go down the stairs into the backyard. Under the deck is the entryway to the studio.

Despite being modest in size, Humble Beginnings Studio is home to some big ideas.

When Shuvanjan and Taylor moved into 3323 Agricola in the fall of 2018, they looked past the major disrepair of the basement and its non-existent ceiling, its tacky 9-panneled mirror, dingy yellow lights and laminate flooring which had been amusingly placed on the wall as a substitute for baseboard. With the help of some kind friends along the way, the potential they saw in the space is what has been realized today. Humble Beginnings is a locus for imagination, knowledge and artistry to coalesce.

Humble Beginnings is a place in which Shuvanjan and Taylor are able to devote their time to their respective craft.

Shuvanjan is a multidisciplinary artist who loves working with sound, light and shadows. He is a fan of nurturing unique aspects of cultures and trying to witness that sweet space that binds them together.

Shuvanjan could be depicted with a likeness to the Hindu god Durga and her many arms, as Shuvanjan has a plethora of hands that are busy in many pots - dividing his time between recording music, sound design, and discovering different worlds of music therapy, among other passions.

Holy Dynamite Media is one way that Shuvanjan collaborates with other visionaries. Holy Dynamite Media records and showcases the work of creators, activists and performers to help them reach the audience they deserve.

Another project that is particularly dear to Shuvanjan’s heart is his current music project, Superfluid, which has been characterized as a blend of fusion and urban influences, Superfluid is a quasi-collective, multi-dimensional, poly-genre force of kinetic energy that spins velveteen lyrics across smooth grooves, silk Rhodes, and soulful guitars.

Taylor applies herself to the practice of yoga and visual art.

After a two year hiatus from pen and paper, Taylor has returned to this undertaking to reconnect with the abundance of visceral self-discovery and rhapsody that this form of creation elicits for her. She is now expanding her creative capacity and learning to bring her work to new heights through the application of Abdobe Photoshop and After Effects. Taylor’s current art project operates under the name “Drawn Derived Divinations”, which showcases an exploration through the profundity of the subconscious. Her artwork is a series of images that resemble aspects of her own memories, dreams, as well as symbolic manifestations of specific feelings and emotional experiences. It is Taylor’s hope that her art will be a catalyst for more community engagement and collaboration with other makers and creators.

Taylor is the joyous owner of the yoga initiative Primordial Yoga, which is mainly operated out of Humble Beginnings Studio. Learn more about Primordial Yoga here.