Drawn Derived Divinations

Creation Through Artwork

I am an autodidact artist. The name of my visual art portfolio, Drawn Derived Divinations, is reflective of the creative process through which my work is realized. My artwork is a series of images that resemble aspects of my own memories, dreams, as well as symbolic manifestations of specific feelings and emotional experiences. The profundity of the subconscious that my work embodies is partially eluded to and apparent during the conception of my art. However, I have consistently found that the messages I am communicating through my work remains predominantly concealed to me for some time, even after the work is complete. My intention through creation is to access, explore and deliberately depict experiences that receive inadequate acknowledgement or recognition by my conscious mind.

My artwork has been a vehicle for the exploration of my internal landscape.  

Living in a space in time that can concisely be described as turbulent; where a culture of fear is reenforced within our social structures and where feelings of alienation go unchecked, it is easy to forget that we all belong to each other.

Now more than ever, we need to remind ourselves of these sacred, integral relationships; not just between humans, but also between humans and the environment. I believe that art has a pivotal role to play in enhancing and fostering those feelings of connectivity between the one and the all.

Art has enriched so many aspects of my personal life, and embodies a source of endurance during times of apathy and despondence. The notion of being as stuck in a repressive social structure as I am a contributing factor to the perpetuation of oppression creates a great deal of internal conflict for me. Oftentimes I feel like a walking hypocrisy. The creation of art signifies an act of direct defiance against many of the coercive frameworks that organize and govern humanity. The time I spend creating art is time I consider spent taking a stand against the dominating and systemically oppressive social structures that currently govern our world.

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